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dns// Self-Managed Domain Name Service

As we cater to wide range of clients, we setup a self-managed DNS service. We offer one of the most competitive prices in the industry. Unmatched functionality in DNS services with an ease of use.

Interested clients can visit and register, transfer and fully managed the DNS and range of other services at very competitive market price.

// Fully Managed Domain Name Services 

Our unique DNS managed service will take a complexity of maintaining a DNS away from clients. You can look after the business while we handle all technical work that goes with setting up the domain. Our Privacy Service included in fully managed DNS will ensure that your information stay hidden and secure while you enjoy spam free DNS account.


$20 per year for .com/.org/.net/.info

$25per year for .ca


If you have domain name(s) in mind, send us the info using the contact page.

What is a Domain Name?
The Domain Name System (DNS) helps users to find their way around the Internet. Every computer on the Internet has a unique address – just like a telephone number – which is a rather complicated string of numbers. It is called its “IP address” (IP stands for “Internet Protocol”).

But it is hard to remember everyone’s IP address. The DNS makes it easier by allowing a familiar string of letters (the “domain name”) to be used instead of the arcane IP address. So instead of typing, you can type It is a “mnemonic” device that makes addresses easier to remember.

Translating the name into the IP address is called “resolving the domain name.” The goal of the DNS is for any Internet user any place in the world to reach a specific website IP address by entering its domain name. Domain names are also used for reaching e-mail addresses and for other Internet applications.

Transfer your Domain Name

We will extend your existing registration for an additional year and you will not lose any time you’ve already paid for. And now, if your transfer fails for any reason, we’ll refund your fee, no questions asked. You will not lose any time you’ve already paid for.

Note: We are unable to process domain names that will expire within 10 days of today.


Registration Agreement
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 Registration Agreement

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