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We work hand in hand with you to design web sites that meet your needs whether it be a small business or a large corporation. We offer free consultations and price estimates before we commence on any work, so there are no surprises. The only surprise is how affordable it can be to have your own web site. We guarantee the best price in the market.

What do you look for in a web design company?

Quality products, convenience and great client service at reasonable prices? We do it all.

Although price is an important factor, we know it is not the only one. That is why we couple affordable prices with quality and service. Think of your web site as an online brochure of your business. You want your visitors and potential customers to get a sense of who you are, not to be distracted, lost, or worse, put off by the poor design of the web site. What do you want your web site to say about you?

Your web site may be completed, but we are still working.

We offer a FREE update of your web site for up to one week after the initial upload. In this way, you get a chance to see your web site on the World Wide Web, as your visitors do, and make any changes you feel necessary. Your web site can be as dynamic as you and your business.

Because your business needs are always changing, our job continues, even after your web site is completed. We offer continued service and maintenance of web sites at reasonable rates.

Expanding at an explosive rate of growth, e-commerce is possibly the fastest growing business segment that has ever existed. It is also one that has already compelled business, large and small, to invest heavily in the hardware, software and services that make successful e-commerce possible.

Customer Functionality

Customer accounts
Customer address books (other shipping destinations)
Order history
Temporary (not logged on) and permanent (logged on) shopping carts
Search catalog for products or manufacturers
Product reviews by customers
E-mail notifications
Forseen checkout procedure
Secure transactions with SSL
Number of products in each category are shown
Bestseller lists
Display what other customers have purchased (relating to the current product displayed)

Administrative Functionality

Web base user-friendly administration control panel
Add/Edit/Remove categories, products, manufacturers, customers, and reviews
Categories-to-categories structure
Statistics for products and customers
Dynamic product attributes
Tax zones, classes, and rates
Configuration parameters in database for remote editing
Payment and shipping modules
Decide what to display (and the order) in the product listings
Backup utilities


It is impossible to quote prices without first seeing the complexity of the work that needs to be done. We invite all prospective clients to contact us with information on the nature of the work to be done. We will gladly offer a free consultation and price estimate. You may be surprise how affordable it is.

Please request a proposal for your project using a Proposal Form on the first page and we will contact you shortly.


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